At Araribá we take our tourists to places of pristine beauty, off the beaten track.

We guarantee that the local community benefits directly from it, and that the tourists learn about culture and nature from first-hand experiences.

We guarantee that the tourism activities we create have a positive impact on the socio-economical level as well.

Nature and culture are at the very centre of what we do, but, most of all, the communities are the pillars around which we build our offer, because we believe they are the guardian of our natural environment and of the cultural heritage.

We offer city tours, but from the local perspective. 

We make possible adventure and discovery, also, from a scientific perspective.

We offer culture and gastronomy tourism, sustainably.

We do CBT together with the Brazilian traditional communities, empowering their women during the process.

We have an hand on approach, a strong ethic and a clear vision: empower communities through tourism.