TBC - Quilombolas do Vale do Ribeira

Bate-papo sobre a história dos quilombos, seu sistema agrícola tradicional, produção de bananas orgânicas e aspectos naturais e culturais da região do Vale do Ribeira, rica em diversidade étnica, cultural e gastronômica.

SESC Campinas

Dia 29/02, sábado, 15h30

Quilombo in the kitchen

"Cooking is not just food, cooking is culture, territory and history". Guga Rocha and Bel Coelho are some of the cooks to visit and be charmed by the quilombola communities of the Ribeira Valley. Araribá promotes these meetings and exchanges of knowledge in cultural trips and special experiences that contribute mainly to the development of tourist activities, based on the demands of the communities visited.

Quilombola Expedition

In order to spread the quilombos' culinary culture and create the opportunity to get to know the work of the communities of the Ribeira Valley, we organized, in partnership with the "Instituto Brasil a Gosto", a trip and brought renowned chefs from São Paulo and national and international journalists to the region.
What happened was a rich exchange of experience and culinary practices between those chefs and the cooks, in a trip that have contributed to the safeguarding of the traditional gastronomic culture.