About us

Araribá is a Brazilian DMC specialized in community-based tourism, scientific expeditions and cultural trips with over 10 years of experience in offering high-quality tailor-made and small group experiences. 
Conceived by researchers and educators who had worked with the largest cultural tourism and ecotourism tour operators in Brazil, Araribá has an extensive experience in operating and conducting youth and adult groups in national and international itineraries in cultural and educational tourism, ecotourism, food tourism experiences.
Araribá actively contributes to the development of community-based tourism in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our values & our mission

We work on the side of the Brazilian traditional communities. Indigenous, caiçara, quilombolas and all the other traditional communities from the city and from the countryside, from the forest and from the mountains, from the riverside and from the valleys. We offer them strategic support, exposure, access to knowledge and the opportunity to share experiences.


Because we believe that the tourism offer should be built around them and, most importantly, with them. We believe that the local communities are the pillar of a place. They are the guardian of the culture and of the natural environment and we have chosen to stand by their side so our rich culturalheritage will carry on be preserved and so our fragile ecosystems. We believe that tourism surely can promote local development but only if it is built around the needs and the knowledge of the community and, most importantly, with them. And this is what we have been doing in the last 25 years. We believe that we are part of a bigger process, just a link in the chain and we believe that our role is to connect people from different cultures and social background, to build together new opportunities and to empower local communities to deliver projects with transformative impacts, and we have chosen to do this through tourism.

We don’t have all the answers, that’s why we continuously ask and search for the best solutions at the local level, which we believe they have to be built collectively. We run tourism offers which are social projects in itself, in fact, the human element is at their core.



André Stern

Has been active for more than 25 years in the area of environmental education and environmental studies with an emphasis on Earth Sciences and Sustainable Development for educational institutions (schools and universities). André holds a master degree in sedimentary and environmental Geology (USP). He has worked for consulting companies specialized in environmental mapping all over Brazil. Backpacker, diver, comfortable in English, Spanish and Italian, he has traveled extensively throughout Brazil and the world, always with a camera on hand. www.flickr.com/andrestern


Ederon Marques

He studied History (USP) and Artwork Conservation and Restoration (ITR/SP). Since 1996, he has coordinated multidisciplinary teams and elaborated itineraries and teaching material on environmental study trips. He develops events related projects and cultural tours for corporations and corporate groups. Better known as Ed, he is an Embratur Registered Guide with experience in taking groups throughout Brazil and overseas. He is also a keen researcher on ancient board games.


Elisa Spampinato

Sociologist and Anthropologist with a strong interest and wide experience in community-based tourism. For almost twenty years, she has been involved in activities, researches and social projects on governance, sustainable development and international cooperation in Italy, UK and Brazil.

She is currently collaborating with Travindy telling the stories of sustainable tourism and the traditional communities around the world. She is also a member of the GSTC and an Associate of Equality in Tourism for who she is also writing stories of women empowerment. 

Driven by her passion and commitment to ethical tourism, local development and gender equality, she joined Araribá DMC with the goal of continuing to support and promote community tourism in Brazil, deeply believing that tourism can transform life and help write new stories.

Our selected team is formed by professionals who have accompanied people on adventurous journeys, being able to present the peculiarities of their environments with extensive experiences in tourism as well as in the mapping, data collection and investigations of the territory. We work with local partners who align and contribute to our values both by providing high-quality services to our customers and by following the principles of sustainability. The careful selection of suppliers and the attention in the creation of travel itineraries aims to leave most of the profit in the local communities, encouraging the use of nature as a source of income and supporting its conservation. The close partnerships that we establish with our stakeholders, as well as the sharing culture we cultivate, are directly related to our conservationist attitude towards the environment and the different cultures of our country.

Specialty Guides | They are motivated and skilled professionals, usually geologists, biologists, geographers, historians, among others who master the knowledge of the various natural environments, operational logistics and, especially, the cultural content of the places we visit.
Local Guides | Partners and real connoisseurs of the paths, shortcuts, culture, cuisine, history, nature, ultimately key people who take us to their "home". They provide a magnificent opportunity for those who are willing to know and exchange impressions of different worlds, lives and cultures.

What we offer on our travels
• Fully trained staff for the full duration of the journey 
• Experienced personnel in operating and conducting groups at national and international levels.
• Trustworthy local staff and suppliers for the transportation, accommodation and food supply.
• Safety and prepared team for first aid, trail driving, rescue techniques.