Amazonas | Mamirauá

The Sustainable Mamirauá Development Reserve (RDSM) was the first preservation unit of this type implemented in Brazil, and it is located on the confluence between the Solimões and Japurá rivers. It is the largest river basin preserved area in the world, and it is a heaven for a rich ecosystem which includes species that are endemic to the region and which are being threatened with extinction. Some 35 species of mammals, 360 species of birds, 79 species of reptiles and over 300 species of fish inhabit the area. During this trip you will learn about the life of the riverside communities who inhabit the river banks, and who get their sustenance from fishing and family farming. You will get to walk (or travel on canoes) over trails that have been opened up by the local researches. The naturalist guides and the local community, conjoining scientific with traditional know-how, will help you understand the Amazon environment, showing you the different aspects of the Amazon rain forest, the different types of vegetation and the habitats as well as the ecology of the main groups of animals that inhabit it. The air route is available in both Portuguese and English.